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Sentrec ICT

I am the co-owner and co-founder of Sentrec ICT. Sentrec ICT is a ICT service provider who’s services include (internet) connectivity, ICT as a Service and projects.
Next to my business roles as co-owner I also do technical work as a network engineer supporting and designing networks.

Some of the work I have done for/through Sentrec ICT are;

  • Troubleshooting and fixing a video network link between BNNVARA and one of its’ suppliers.
  • Various network related projects for a large company in the automative sector. An example being the deployment of an international DMVPN network.
  • Designing and building an IP multicast network for the distribution of TV over IP products.

Triple IT

For Triple IT I have done multiple projects;

  • Security audit, and the improvement work that came from it (for ANWB)
  • Supporting the customer network team
  • Network design dual datacenter


For Prodicom I created a netowrk design for an automated disaster recovery scenario for a large customer supporting the Dutch national railway.


For Yaworks I did multiple projects;

  • Network operations for a large ICT service provider
  • Network operation and optimization/redesign for an international broadcasting company


For ANWB I did multiple projects;

  • Security audit and the improvements that came from it (through Triple IT)
  • Supporting the network team
  • POC VDI (VMware Horizon)

Fundeon / Volandis

For Fundeon I maintained the campus network while in parallel I designed and build the new campus network.
Fundeon was terminated in 2015 and was incorperated in the new organisation called Volandis. Volandis carries out the tasks previously done by Fundeon and Arbouw.

FMO Solutions

Between 2014 and 2019 I was co-owner and co-founder of FMO Solutions. FMO Solutions is an internet service provider (ISP) and ICT service provider delivering services such asĀ  Network as a Service and Wireless as a service.
Next to my business roles as co-owner I also do technical work as a network engineer supporting and designing networks.

Trans IX

For Trans IX I have designed a DMVPN network for an end customer with a central office and several branch offices.

My history with Trans IX goes deeper than this one project.
In 1999 I founded NetShark, a (managed) hosting provider. After a few years NetShark merged with Subhosting and became Trans IX. Since I personally shifted my focus from systems administration to network administration I also started thinking about a company that focused more on network services. I sold my share in Trans IX in 2008. But I have always kept a close relationship with Trans IX which resulted in them hiring me for the aforementioned project.
In my time as founder and co-owner I have designed and build various systems ranging from Linux and FreeBSD based hosting servers (some using Directadmin) to virtualization platforms based on VMware, Xen and KVM.


For Uniserver I worked on a network audit after which I did operational work on their network as well as a redesign and parallel rebuild of their multi-DC datacenter network using overlay networks (VxLAN) en automation (SDN) through VTS.

Quanza Engineering

For Quanza Engineering I worked on various pre-sales and design projects alongside doing operational work on various customer networks.

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