Remote desktop to a Windows XP / 2003 machine over IPv6

Just a quick post to share a neat trick.
Some of my older systems still run XP and/or Windows 2003, and I’m probably not alone.
This is an older post that I saved from my old blog, I don’t run these old operating systems anymore but I will leave this post here for those who do and want to use IPv6.

Now the RDP client built-in to Windows XP / Windows 2003 supports IPv6 just fine.
But the built-in RDP server doesn’t listen on the IPv6 addresses.
This also applies to embedded versions of Windows that are often found on machines like cash registers.
I recently worked a case where there was a possible network problem that resulted in a cash register not being able to contact the central server that stores all the prices for the various goods being sold.
The company that manages the cash registers often logs in using remote desktop to check settings and research problems.
When running IPv6 this poses the problem that the RDP server doesn’t listen on the IPv6 addresses.
Here is a quick work around to be able to RDP to your machine over IPv6;

Open a command prompt and enter the following:

netsh interface portproxy add v6tov4 listenport=3389 connectaddress= connectport=3389

This basically creates a proxy that listens on the IPv6 addresses of your machine and forwards the requests to the IPv4 loopback address.
After using this command you will be able to connect using a recent version of Remote Desktop Client over IPv6 to a WinXP/Win2k3/WinXP-embedded machine.

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